Original instinct: advisor for good nutrition

A few weeks ago I was on a yoga holiday and had chosen for this organisation because during the holiday there was also attention paid to nutrition. One of the important pillars that makes sure that you feel comfortable in your skin.

I am a bit richer and closer to really healthy food. Good nutrition is very important and fortunately more and more people are becoming aware of this. But what exactly is good food?

Super foods not necessarily good nutrition

Convenient marketers make sure that we buy massive amounts of food that is expensive and not even as good for us as they claim. The now very popular super foods are sold everywhere and are widely stocked. Wheatgrass, linseed and chia seed for the smoothie, goji berries for the salad and quinoa as a replacement for potatoes and rice.
If you think about the fact that these products do not grow naturally in the Netherlands and therefore have to come from elsewhere, you can think of the fact that our system was not developed for this purpose. In addition, it is imported from other countries in such large numbers that its own population is left without food and also produces it under the influence of strangulation contracts. If you ask me, these products do not belong to a good diet. It is indeed nutritious, but I do not consider the way in which I am doing this to be good for the world and your body.

Primary food or paleo

I sometimes hear people say: ‘Actually, I also know what is and isn’t good for me’. When you know how to listen to your body, it also indicates what it needs. Your body reacts to substances it receives. This ‘primal instinct’ is a guideline for good nutrition. Especially what is good for you. Unfortunately, this instinct is no longer as well developed as it was hundreds of years ago. Then people lived by instinct and ate what was good for them. A good reason to take this as a guideline for good nutrition: ‘primal nutrition’. More and more people are becoming familiar with this primal nutrition, also known as the palaeo-food pattern. It is based on meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, eggs, nuts and seeds. Everything that was available from nature for agriculture in the Netherlands.

What to look out for

You don’t have to look for food anymore. You can go to a supermarket on every corner of the street to buy all the products you can think of. Products from all over the world are purchased to provide us with so-called ‘good food’. Much of it is in parcels and bags, is perfectly coloured and has an intact shape.
What are the visible properties of good food? Eat products that look like they came from the tree, plant or soil. Processed products are often packaged, pre-cut or mixed with other products. Choose to make your own dishes instead of buying ready-made dishes. You will then know for sure what is and isn’t in the dish. Unfortunately, packaging does not always show clearly what exactly is incorporated in the product. Many products contain E-numbers and do not belong to good nutrition.

Actually it is very simple, listen to your body and eat unprocessed products, then you are right!