Sexual attraction: Amazing results possible? Read on!

There are many kinds of hormones and most of them work for a very limited number of people. If you need more than a few hormones for a small number of symptoms or you want the best hormone treatment, try a hormonal medication.

If you don't need hormone therapy and you're interested in a prescription, ask your doctor for a referral to a local hormone clinic or to a doctor who specializes in sex hormones. If you have any questions about hormones, please see my previous Sex Health post for information on the pros and cons of hormones, the proper way to store hormones, and how to take a hormone tablet.

How Many Sexual Orgasmes Should I Have? As I have already mentioned, you can't have sexual orgasm with a single finger alone. You need two fingers, a vibrator, or an external device to achieve orgasm. The good news is that you can find many different sex toys that are designed to work with your partner's penis. If you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, he probably has one or two toys for her. If you want to try out one of your favorite toys, check out this article for ideas of the best sex toys for penis size.

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