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All the products are labeled "long-term care" with the claim that they keep you alive, but some of them do exactly the opposite!

Here's the bottom line: you need to learn what you are buying before you buy. The following will help you learn the difference between the "long-term care" products that you will likely want to use on a long-term basis and the "natural" products that will do the same thing for less money, but that you need to know about first.

Here are the categories of products that are often used for longer term staying power:

1. Natural Preservatives

The most expensive, natural products are the preservatives. These products, usually in the form of natural extracts (such as garlic, lavender, sage, etc.), are designed to kill bacteria and keep viruses, fungi, and other bacteria from killing your body. Preservatives also keep your body safe by preventing bacteria and viruses from spreading throughout the body. There are several types of natural preservatives, such as the following:

Fluoride (common in water, toothpaste, and other mouth rinses, as well as in some food products like soup and ice cream) is a naturally-occurring compound found in the drinking water and the atmosphere. Fluoride kills germs by helping them grow more slowly, which in turn helps bacteria and viruses stay under control.

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