Lighter skin: Amazing results possible? Read on!

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My first step is to do my own research online. This is not easy, because it takes time to actually find the right product for your skin type. I've done a lot of research, so I hope this information is helpful. This is not an endorsement of any product; it's just an information based review. I hope it helps you, and also helps others. So let's get started. If you're looking for something specific, please go to the full review and search for it. You can also ask me directly.

I was reading the reviews and it sounded like a lot of people were not getting the results they were expecting. As I understand it, the best way to lighten dark skin is to eat organic, whole food sources of Vitamin C, like spinach. Vitamin C is very expensive, and I couldn't find any. Instead, I used olive oil. I tried this, and I didn't like it. Olive oil has a very strong smell and taste. I didn't think it was going to lighten my dark skin as much as I hoped it would. It was more like a moisturizer to me.

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