Olympic leg and buttock exercises

Olympic swimmer Sebastiaan Verschuren describes in this blog a number of exercises that you can do at home. In combination with the previously published blog about abdominal muscle exercises, you have a nice workout.

Repeat and persevere

The summer holidays are coming up and have already started for some of them. With my leg and buttock exercises you will be able to walk on the beach even more confidently. Of course you can, but it’s even better to repeat and maintain the exercises regularly.

Six exercises

I’ll give you six leg and butt exercises below. We also do these exercises daily in and around the swimming pool. Also check my 10 abdominal muscle exercises. All in all it really helps you to improve your muscles. Good luck with your training!


Get out of the car. Stand upright with dumbbells in your hands. Get out with one leg and sink down. The knee of your front leg shouldn’t touch the ground. Make sure your upper body stays straight above your hips during the whole exercise. Step out ten times with the right and ten times with the left. Repeat this twice.

(Deep) Squats

We all know them. Stand up straight with your feet at hip width, possibly with a barbell on your shoulders or dumbbells in your hands. Pocket down until the angle in your knees is ninety degrees. With a deep squat you can go as deep as possible. Always make sure that your knees never get past your toes and that your shoulders stay nicely above your feet. Repeat ten times and this set twice.


Abdomen, buttock, leg, shoulder: with this exercise you train almost your entire body. Stand in lying support on your hands or elbows. Make sure your spine is stretched properly and check during your exercise that your neck is standing straight on your torso. Don’t let your head hang! Twice 30 seconds, but you can build this up quickly.

Hip raise

Lie on your back with your knees pulled up and your feet almost against your buttocks. Now push your hips up so that your body from shoulder to knee is in a straight line. Lower your hips back to just above the ground and repeat this exercise ten times in two sets.

Step ups knee raise

Stand in front of an elevation (step, bench, table) and possibly step with dumbbells in your hands with one foot on the bench and stand on the bench with two feet. Try not to drop off as much as possible with the ‘leftover’ leg and make sure your back stays as straight as possible during the whole exercise. Ten per leg, two sets.

Swiss ball leg curl

Lie on your back on the ground with a swissball under your feet and your hips off the ground. Pull your legs in until your knees have an angle of ninety degrees. Keep your body straight from shoulder to knee at all times. Ten times, two sets.