The practice has been taken over by doctors M-D.C. van Vemsbergen and S.S. Smit-Newbaks since 2014. The general practitioners A. Boeyinga and S.D. van Hemsbergen have provided the village with care for almost 30 years. Initially, Dr. Smit worked as an observer in the practice. After the retirement of the predecessors, doctor van Hemsbergen joined the team.
Our predecessors were pharmacists. Seven years ago, however, the pharmacy was transferred to the pharmacist of Dinteloord, Mr. H. Nguyen, who since then has a medication issue post in the practice building.

Over the years, the team has been expanded with a PRH Somatics and, since 2015, a PRH GGZ. The assistants also perform more and more actions and do their own consulting hours.

At the end of 2015, we moved to a new building with more space and better facilities.